Structural Engineering and the Ocean Environment (CVEN 4520/5520)

This course explores the design of structures for coastal and ocean resilience within the broader context of climate change adaptation. The following subjects will be introduced: coastal and oceanic wave dynamics; hydrodynamic forces from wind-waves and tsunamis on coastal structures; wave attenuation using vegetation; analysis and design of floating structures.

Prerequisites: CVEN 3121/MECH 3043 and MATH 2421

Course Notes: Applied Ocean Mechanics for Structural Engineering and Climate Adaptation (download)

Mechanics of Materials (CVEN 3121/MECH 3043)

This course explores the fundamentals of solid mechanics within the context of structural and mechanical engineering. Topics covered include the analysis of stress and strain, mechanical properties of materials, bending, shear, torsion, and axial response of structural systems including deflection and buckling analysis.

Prerequisites: CVEN 2121/MECH 2023

Textbook: Mechanics of Materials 10th Edition (SI version) by R. C. Hibbeler

Courses Taught at Princeton University (2018 - 2022)

CEE 262 - Structures and the Urban Environment

CEE 440 - Elements of Conceptual Design and Analysis of Structures

CEE 478 - Senior Thesis Colloquium

CEE 540 - Structural Engineering for Climate Change Adaptation

Courses Taught at the University of Sydney (2015 - 2016)

ENGG 1802 - Engineering Mechanics

CIVL 3010 - Sustainable Systems Engineering